The Folklore Museum of Mykonos, Cyclades: The Folklore Museum is ideally located in Kastro neighborhood of Mykonos, in close proximity to Paraportiani.The museum is a storehouse of antiquities belonging to the 19th century.


The Folklore Museum is the brainchild of Professor Vasilios Kyriazopoulos and the museum was formally opened to the public way back in the year 1958. Items on display at the museum are vintage furniture, ancient tools and ceramic works, historical photographs as well as traditional musical instruments. Inside the museum visitors can marvel at rare textile collections, exclusive embroidered works, utensils and ceramic works, vintage furniture and maritime equipments.

The museum is also conspicuous by its fine collection of paintings. Visitors are reminded of the War for Independence of 1821 courtesy of the canons, which are still impeccably preserved, thanks to the high quality of preservation works carried out by the museum. The museum's attractions are many. For instance there is a 19th century bedroom as well as a kitchen.

If you want to have a glimpse of a quintessential 19th century middle class seating room, you don't have to look far. It is all here at the Folklore Museum. The exquisitely done up etchings of traditional Mykonos shipping vessels will take your breath away. Even the old ancient pieces of oil lamps will vie for your attention along with a fine collection of keys and locks. The handcrafted embroidered works stand out by their sheer brilliance.

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